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Our puppies




  Mimi is six years old girlie from our breeding, she is result of our longterm breeding plan. She connects the best of famous american lines Lileo and Shema with bit of swedish blood. Both her parents are classical/moderate type and were exceptionaly successful during their show career, they both are multi Specialty Best in Show winners. Mimi is in the same classical/original type as her parents, she is very moderate, firm, clean lines and has ideal height. She has beutiful expression with nice shaped big ears, correct set up neck well carried in movement. She has beautiful firm top line both stack and moving, spacious forechest and chest, and correct not extreme legs angulation. Her movement is very moderate, standard and flowing. Her coat is red tan with white star on chest and small white tail tip. Mimi┤s temperament is very typical for the breed, she is lively, playfull, happy and loves sports, but also she loves cuddling and sleep, :)
Mimi did very well in show ring, her highlights - six adult and three junior championships, Specialty Best in Show and Specialty Junior BIS, several Club and Specialty winner tittles and BOB Puppy at world dog show.
In her first litter she yet produced very nice and balanced puppies that are already collecting championships!

DOB: 15. 10. 2012
height: 58 cm
weight: 21 kg
teeth: complete bite, scisors
eyes: clear, negative at PRA, HC, RD (2012, 2016)
elbows: 11/2018
hips: 11/2018
patela: 11/2018
thyroid: 11/2018
heart: 11/2018

  will be published later


INTCh, LVClubCh, LVCh, ESTCh, BaltCh, LTCh, RUSCh, BLRCH, BaltJCh, LVJCh, LTJCh, LV ClubW-10-11-12-13-14-15, EUROPASAIGER-12 FALL IN LOVE REEDLY ROAD BAHAR ICH, MCH, SBIS Reedly Road Desperado ICH, MCh, MultiWW, BISS Farao Anubis Ramses Kbir Ramses El Kabul
Enigma Shinning Hickory
Ch Farao Anubis Fariba on RR ICH, MCH, MultiWW, BISS Farao Anubis Ramses
ICH, MCh, MultiWW Antefa's Kahira
ICH, MCh Ribessita Shamise-Amise MCh, EJW, MW Antefa`s Queanu-Kaa WW, ICh, MCh Antefa's Minas Tirith
-Ch Siphra's My Wild Love
ICH, MCh, MW Farao Anubis Nemesis JWW, Ch Antefa's Menkhar
ICH, MCh, MultiWW Antefa's Kahira
CZCh, HUCh, ClubCh, SK JCh, CZ JCh CARAMEL COOKIE EL NEGMA Multi SBIS, BISS, ICh, AMCh, GBCh, SCh, EW-06 Farao Anubis Ikaros Ch Lileo┤s Orpheus of Serafin AMCh Beltara┤s Pantooset Oberon
Lileo┤s Put┤n On The Ritz
ICh, NordW, WW-98-00-01 Antefa┤s Kahira Antefa┤s Hapi
Antefa┤s Farah Dibah
Multi SBIS, ICh, MultiCh, CZ SpecialtyW-05-06-07-08 Cassiopea Spirit of Millenium Amon Bohemia Genao ICH, FCh, LuxCh Shema┤s Mia Mystic Talisman
Qarsha Qaara Ypsylon
ICh, MultiCh, ClubW Bir Sahra Stalagmit JCh Deheb-Tefnut of the Netherlands
B┤Affertari Eben Dag


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