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Puppies / A-litter 2008

On 23th May 2008 were born puppies out of foreign mating 3 boys and 4 girls

Ütý˛ata - puppies


INTCh, CZCh, SKCh, PLCh, HUCh, SKGrandCh, ClubCh, Club winner-07, CZ Specialty winner-05-06-07-08, SK Specialty winner-07, res. SBIS, SBIS, CZW-06 CASSIOPEA SPIRIT OF MILLENIUM


CroatianJCh, CRCh, BiHCh, ItCh, LuxCh, Dracula W-07, Bundessieger-07, BIS FAOUZIAH┤S EXCELLENTIA SHADRACH

Puppies - born: 23th May 2008

FAOUZIAH┤ S EXCELLENTIA SHADRACH Shadrach is beautiful and very promissing male from connection of two trully starst of scandinavian PH breeding. He exceed in strong and firm constitution and elegant spacious movement. He has elegant long neck and beautiful expression, deep chest with excellent forechest, correct angulation of both pair of limbs. Very glossy is his dark coat with minimum of white markings. Shadrach is very friendly with people as well as with dogs what is very important for us! In his two years he already got many show successes - tittle Junior champion of Croatia, champion of Bosnia&Hercegovina, Luxembourg and Italy. To another very valuable tittles belongs Junior BIS and among "adults" two times res.BIS and BIS-3. Then six times out of all - BIG, BIG-2, BIG-3. Shadrach also got the tittle Bundessieger-07 which Cassie also got on the same show :) Then finaly he got Cruft┤s 2008 qualification and approximately 30x Best of Breed.

DOB: 14. 5. 2006
height: 63 cm
weight: 28 kg
teeth: fulldented, scisors
eyes: clear, negative at PRA, HC, RD

CASSIOPEA SPIRIT OF MILLENIUM Kessi is beautiful, quality bitch with friendly character. She has nice face, beautifull set of big ears, elegant neck, correct top line, spacious deep chest and correct angulation of both pairs of limbs and spacious movement. We are showing Kessi actively fot second year and in this time she got seven championships, she became three times Specialty winner, where in 2006 and 2007 she got also BOB and this year also BIS. To her another show successes belongs nomination to Cruft┤s 2007 & 2008, SK Specialty winner & res. SBIS, Club winner, National winner, second and third place in BIG and manytimes BOB and CACIB. She is also the best bitch of Czech PH club of year 2006. Kessi has racing licence.

DOB: 22. 3. 2004
height: 58 cm
weight: 20 kg
teeth: fulldented, scisors
eyes: clear, negative at PRA, HC, RD
liver, kidneys: OK

CroatianJCh BiHCh ItCh Dracula Winner-07 Bundessieger-07 FAOUZIAH┤ S EXCELLENTIA SHADRACH FinCh Fin JW-05 Nord JW-05 WW-06 PLSg-06 PZSg-06 Siphra┤s King of Hearts Multi BIS Am Ch Anubis Horus of Ghazzi Isis JC Ch Shema┤s Ghazzi Khan
Ch Anubis Isis Of Dazzling Sun
Multi SBIS BISS Int,Fin, Swe & Dk Ch FinW-01-05-06 KBHW-06 Magicway┤s Min for Siphra Int,Fin,Nor,Swe & Dk Ch NordW-97 FinLC Ch-97 KBHW-98 FinW-03 Siphra┤s Summernight City
Ch Chefren Min Mut
IntCh NordCh SCh FINCh NCh DKCh EstCh Jww-02 NLJW-02 NordUV-02 NordV-02 NV-02-03 FINV-03-04 KbhV-04 SV-04 BIS SBIS BISS Faouziah's Bastet SCh SV-00 Faouziah┤s Akunosh Int Nord, S, N, Fin CH EUW-95 NordV-98 Antefa┤s Jabbah-Kaa
SCh NCh DKCh NordCh Farao Anubis Isis
IntCh NordCh SCh FINCh NCh DKCh KbhV-99 SV-99-00 NV-00 NordV-00 SBIS Siphra's Tell Me No Lies Int, Nl & Dk Ch WW-95 Immerat - Paroo of the Netherlands
Fin & Nor Ch FinW-98 Siphra┤s Mama Mia
CASSIOPEA SPIRIT OF MILLENIUM LC Ch Amon Bohemia Genao INTCh, FCh, LCh Shema┤s Mia Mystic Talisman CH Shema┤s Mia Mystic Warrior
CH Shema┤s Mia Mystic Jubillee
BOB, CACIB Qaarsha Qaara Ypsylon CH Ceryas Kan Eben Dag
CH Vedhauge Ida
IntCh, CZCh, SKCh, HUCh, DECh, Ach, ClubCh, KV, NV Bir Sahra Stalagmit CZJCh Deheb-Tefnut of the Netherlands CH Antefa┤s Jabbah-Kaa
CH Shamu-Amenjura of the Netherlands
NV, BOB B┤Affertari Eben Dag CH ChassÚllis Ishtar
CH Nawa du Wicks Team



A - vrh / litter el Negma
* 23.5.2008

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08-08-28 Tezi & Mimi

08-08-28 Mimi & Ϩ˛u

08-08-21 Mimi & Bruno




08-08-10 Mimi 11weeks

08-08-10 Mimi 11weeks

08-08-10 Mimi 10weeks

08-08-10 Bruno, Mimi, Ϩ˛u

08-08-07 Ϩ˛u 11weeks

08-08-03 Bruno & Mimi

08-07-31 Mimi 10weeks

08-07-31 Mimi 10weeks

08-07-31 Jasmin 10weeks

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