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10.4.2009 Yesterday - 9.4. we were on insemination with Kesi.. Now we will hope that nature will be good to us and in four weeks we will see small balls on ultrasound...

8.4.2009 Late show news

8.4.2009 Late show news 28.2.2009 Jasmin (Arabian Jasmin El Negma) participed in International show in german Berlin, judge Mrs. Birgit Piesig (D). Jasmin got this time VG.
We thanks much to Tal Sannat kennel for photo and video .


2.4.2009 New photos of our gorgeous girl Chilli (Sharqiyas American Queen Of Samba) in age of 10weeks. Beautiful weather is here yet :-)

21.3.2009 Beautiful day

21.3.2009 Beautiful day Tomorrow Kesi will be already five years and also Chilli will be right two months old. We celebrated on our garden with sunny weather. Also we had nice visit - Tezi (Amber Soul El Negma). We added some pics to all their galleries...

19.3.2009 Chilli

19.3.2009 Chilli This beautiful puppy on photo is our new girl Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba), which we imported from Denmark. Her pedigree combinates my favourites - real jewels of european and american breeding. We were waiting for Chilli more than one year and I would like to thank much to Tenna for such an adorable puppy.

12.3.2009 Jasmin got her first CAJC :-)

12.3.2009 Jasmin got her first CAJC :-) Jasmin (Arabian Jasmin El Negma) last week participied in National dog show in Zielona G├│ra, judge Andrzej Szutkiewitz. Jasmin got nice critique and tittles Ex.1, CAJC a JBOB. Much congratulations Iza! We are adding critique and few photos that we got.

1.3.2009 Amon died...

1.3.2009 Amon died... Amon is playing with Mimi in heaven ....

We got shocking news that our sweet Amon (All My Dreams El Negma)was on Saturday knocked down by car when running off to another dog... On vet clinique he succumbed to fatal injury of viscus organs...
It is absolutely unbelieveable how our A-pups are bewitched :o(


1.3.2009 We spent wonderful weekend at mountains with Bruno (Am┬┤ Desert Orchid El Negma), I┬┤Shido and their owner Verunka. We added new photos to Bruno┬┤s and Cassie┬┤s profiles.


25.2.2009 We got new picture of beautiful Plupp from summer. He is soooooo stunning!!! :o)


17.2.2009 We got news that Jasmin (Arabian Jasmin El Negma) partipicied in her second show in Poland. In puppy class she got VP1 out of czech judge Mr. Vaclavik who judged Cassie also at her first show! :o) Many congratulations.


16.2.2009 New photos of Amon from walking and Tezi from our Sunday┬┤s visit. Many thank you our Pavlo and Nada!


13.2.2009 Today our beautiful Bruno (Am┬┤ Desert Orchid El Negma). Veronika brought me I┬┤Shido as she is in heat so we will take care of her for a week or so. We were silly to hope that Bruno in his 9months won┬┤t know what is going about :o)
We placed some new photos to gallery..


5.2.2009 After long time we got new photos of Izida (Angel Eyes of Izida El Negma). Thank you very much dear owners, she looks really just like Kesi :o)


24.1.2009 Jasmin (Arabian Jasmin El Negma) participied her first show - National show in polish Glogow and got in puppy class very promising 1. Many congratulations! :o)

Also we visited Tezi (Amber Soul El Negma) and were on nice walking. It was already dark so we have only few pics from inside, we will add some of them :o)


17.1.2009 We added to show results shows in Zagreb that we participied in November and last week┬┤s National show in Olomouc.


9.1.2009 We were at our first show this year - at CAC show in czech Olomouc. Judge Josef Nemec gave Cassie Ex.1, CAC, Czech winner-08, BOB got Enigma Special News. With this CAC Cassie completed Czech Grand champion tittle.


3.1.2009 We got new photos of Jasmin. Thank you very much Iza!!

Christmas greeting

Christmas greeting We wish to all our friends Happy Christmas and better New Year 2009! I hope that all our dogs and family members will be healthy and that we will enjoy life with them in happiness...


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