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9.10.2009 World dog show

9.10.2009 World dog show Yesterday in slovakian Bratislava was held World Dog Show. There were entered 37 Pharaoh hounds and judged by dannish judge Jorgen Hindse.
Story about added :-)
Full results here.
Photos from show here.

At this show we had entered Chilli, Bruno, Mogula (Farao Anubis Crusader) and also here was Jasmin (Arabian Jasmin El Negma).
Mogge couldn┬┤t come to the show as he is still a bit limping after broking his hind leg in the beginning of August. The same is limping Bruno on hind leg but we decided to take him with us and "will see".
Instead of Mogul in males puppy class i helped to handle sweet boy El-Kaab and we won! :o)
With Bruno it was really unsure if he will be showed or not, he is limping more or less for longer time and doensn┬┤t have now good experiences with strangers and so he was not so good already in August in Bratislava double show. When his leg looked to be okay we decided to show him. In his class he had competition of four really beautiful young males from the best european kennels. Unfortunately he was affraid of judge, he got really very beautiful critique but for "bad temperamet" he got note "unsufficient" which i didn┬┤t find in FCI rules but i think it means "cannot be judged". I think that few people was satisfied that he lost... but i hope that people that really likes him will excuse this one fault after all his big wins from summer! We will now leave Bruno without shows for few months to get self-confidence and trust to strangers again.
Then Chilli came to ring with two younger females from Finland. She beated both and got note Very promissing1!
In bitches youth class was entered our first born girl Jasmin. She is small devil a bit playing with her owner... :o) She was affraid a bit of judge and didn┬┤t show her teeth for what she got "susfficient" note what made me really sad...

Immediately after judging rush came when i got know that they changed Chilli┬┤s critique with another... I had to run over whole show area to make it okay. Right after it i had to run to final ring for Best puppy competition. Chilli was judged in preparing ring with best puppy male and won and could compete in BIS puppy. I was really surprised when judge Jorgen Hindse came to us when we were waiting to run in final ring to wish us good luck there! Chilli was showing herself perfectly, but wasn┬┤t picked up to closer choose.
Complete results you will find at our sites in link up, but i would like to note here some of them...

BOB, World winner and Best In Group Northgate┬┤s As You Like It
World winner Enigma Strike A Pose
JuniorBOB and JuniorBIG Faouziah┬┤s Faramir
Kesi┬┤s groom Pharuz - Reedly Road Deep Blue res.CACIB
and BIS Breeder┬┤s group Northgate┬┤s!!

We were really glad to meet many our friends and we hope to see you soon again!!!

date: 09.10.2009 - 22:06

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