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21.9.2009 Kesi & Pharuz

21.9.2009 Kesi & Pharuz We just came back from mating with Kesi! We met Masha and Pharuz in beautiful ukrainian city Zaporizhzhya where they were this weekend at shows. It was love at first sight so we hope in small rednosed babies! :o)
Thank you Masha for the opportunity to use this wonderful boy!

15.-16.8.2009 2x CACIB Duodanube Bratislava

15.-16.8.2009 2x CACIB Duodanube Bratislava On Saturday at intenational dog show in Bratislava Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) got out of holland judge John Wauben tittles Ex.1, CAJC and BOB and became Slovakian Junior Champion!
On Sunday Bruno got out of slovakian judge Iveta Vojtekova again tittles In Best Junior male Bruno was choosed between eight best males out of about sixty. In group competion he bewitched swedish judge Paul Stanton who placed him to Best In Group!!
Full results here.
Photos from both shows here.

8.8.2009 Euro Sighthound Show 2009

Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) - Ex.1, CAJC, European Junior winner, JBOB, Junior Best in Show! Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) - VN1, Puppy Best in Show!

9.8.2009 Sighthound Club Show

Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) - Ex.1, CAJC, Junior Club winner, JBOB, BOB!
Complete results here.
Photos from both shows here.

6.8.2009 New photos

6.8.2009 New photos We have many new photos added to profiles of Barca, Kesi, Chilli, Bruno and Jasmin. Jasmin looks at one portrait right as a copy of her mother Kesi :o)

19.7.2009 CAC show Mlada Boleslav, CZ

19.7.2009 CAC show Mlada Boleslav, CZ Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) got from Ludmila Pavlikova tittles Ex.1, CAJC, BOB and in 5th group finals Best In Group-3! From Mr. Nemec he got later Junior Best in Show!!
Link to complete results here
Link to photos from show here


12.7.2009 Bruno got CAJC and BOB at Czech PH Club show and became Czech Juniorchampion!
Chilli was entered first time in baby class and got VP1!
Jasmin in Warszawa got CAJC, BOB and became Polish Juniorchampion!
Kesi today participied in oval race in Kolin in full entered race of bitches!
Here is a link to complete results for PH Club show.

6.7.2009 Jasmin & Mogge

6.7.2009 Jasmin & Mogge We got mail from Iza that Jasmin (Arabian Jasmin El Negma) got on yesterday´s CAC show in polish Gorzów Ex.1, CWJC and Best Junior. Congratulations! :-)
We also got from Iza new photos of Mogul (Farao Anubis Crusader). Thank you!

5.7.2009 CAC Ustron, Poland

5.7.2009 CAC Ustron, Poland With Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) were entered here Eneas Lateef Tal Sannat and Enigma Special News. Judge Mrs. Iwona Patkowska liked the most our Bruno and he got Ex.1, CWJC, Best Junior and BOB. In Junior BIS he was choosed to closer competition of about 20dogs, throughout he standed perfectly, judge had another taste. In V. group again Mrs. I. Patkowska judged and she choosed Bruno as Best In Group! In BIS won again the same beautiful shit-zu as in Ratiborz..

28.6.2009 CACIB show, Brno (CZ)

28.6.2009 CACIB show, Brno (CZ) In rainy weather we drove to international show held in Brno. There were entered 10 Pharaoh hounds, judge was Iuza Beradzi from Gruzia. Bruno got Ex.1, CAJC but in Junior BIS he ended in 2nd-3rd place in 5th group so was not continueing to final choosing from all FCI groups.
Complete results here.

25.6.2009 Mogul

25.6.2009 Mogul We welcome to our El Negma gang new member! Owner of our puppy Jasmin - Iza - will come back tomorrow from Sweden with male puppy out of very best european and american lines - Farao Anubis Crusader. "Mogge" will be in our co-ownership, he will live with Iza in Poland.
Thank you very much Majan for this beautiful boy!!

14.6.2009 Photos

14.6.2009 Photos We added new weekend´s photos - stacks of Chilli´s (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) and Bruno´s (Am´ Desert Orchid el Negma) to their profiles. I like this one when Kesi & Chilli & Bruno are pulling for a toy :o)

14.6.2009 First big show success of Bruno!

14.6.2009 First big show success of Bruno! Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) today got on National show in polish Raciborz JUNIOR BIS, BIG, BOB, JBOB, JCWC, Ex.1!! We are so happy and proud!

4.6.2009 puppies

4.6.2009 puppies We are sad to write that our dear Kesi didn´t get pregnant after gorgeous Plupp... :o(
I think we will try to mate her again next heat - autumn 2009 - to another stud male. Come back again later for more info.

28.5.2009 Sonic

28.5.2009 Sonic We got beautiful photo of Sonic (Nefer-Temu Mia Sambasonic) from Sarrah Kerridge that we would like to share. Thank You Sarrah!
Chilli looks much like her daddy :o)

23.5.2009 Tezi & Chilli

23.5.2009 Tezi & Chilli Today we visited Tezi (Amber Soul El Negma) and added few photos to her photogalery. Also we have some new photos of Chilli in her photogallery.

23.5.2009 A-litter

23.5.2009 A-litter Our A-puppies are celebrating their first birthday today! I wish you my five sweet babies much health, long years and kind owners and many show tittles and nice active life...

It will never stop hurt me that two our ouf puppies - Amon and Mimi was not blessed to be here in this nice moment...

19.5.2009 Izida

19.5.2009 Izida We got news that Izida (Angel Eyes of Izida El Negma) participied in her first show. She got Ex.1, JCAC and BOB. Congratulations!


9.5.2009 New photos of Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen Of Samba) in her photogallery :o)


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