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5.2.2013 photos

5.2.2013 photos We added to fotogallery of puppies new stack and portraits of our three available 9weeks old boys.
We are looking for good homes for them:
Dazzling Sun El Negma (brown, now without collar) - show or pet home
Delicious Dumpling El Negma (green) - preferable show home
Destiny´s Child El Negma (grey) - pet home, lower price

4.2.2013 puppy sets

4.2.2013 puppy sets Yesterday we also picked up second part of puppy sets for our puppies in Prague. Our kennel started co-operation with company Sofa Dog Wear, which makes beautiful clothes and accessories for sighthounds.

3.2.2013 Sněhurka

3.2.2013 Sněhurka Our only puppy girl *Sněhurka* Dashing Samba El Negma today left us and travelled to Russia, where she will live in Ekaterinburg with owner Alla.
Good luck our little princess...


27.1.2013 We are looking for new owners for those three beautiful boys. Offtake is already possible.

26.1.2013 leaving

26.1.2013 leaving So puppies are slowly leaving to their new homes. In last two days four boys left us:
yellow - Darkest Shadow El Negma, owner Barbara Muchová from Ostrava
black - Divine Gem El Negma, owner my friend Lujza Vranská (and pharaoh friends Elia and Jewel), kennel Mer-Mes, Nitra (SK) - on the photo
orange - Dream Come True El Negma, owner Iuliia Kolysnik, Ukraine
and my beloved blue, Dejavu El Negma, owner Michal Fleišer (and pharaoh friend Ramses)
We welcome all our new owners to our family and I wish you long happy years with our puppies!

21.1.2013 photos

21.1.2013 photos We added new photos to photogallery of puppies. They are seven weeks old already and doing much fun!

17.1.2013 photos

17.1.2013 photos As internet in our new apartment is still far future, we managed it another way. We added to photogalery of puppies many many photos. Their offtake begins next week, right now we offer boys with grey, blue and green collars.

26.12.2012 news

26.12.2012 news During all that mess we didn´t catch to wish to all nice Christmas :) Puppies are nice growing, Mimi is playing like a devil and we all are moving in two days :) So there are no new photos in puppy gallery, our computer is somewhere behind boxes ready for moving. After New year we will be back!

15.12.2012 D-puppies

15.12.2012 D-puppies We aded many photos to photogalery of our small puppies. They are opening eyes and learning how to walk. We are still taking reservations for boys.

9.12.2012 Ascot

9.12.2012 Ascot Ascot already left us to his new home in Austria, where he will live with owner Eva.
Welcome Eva and Walter to our family and to wonderful world of this breed!
And small Mimi is staiying with us! :)

2.12.2012 photos

2.12.2012 photos We upploaded here photos of our new puppies.
Mother to our two older puppies is helping Chilli with feeding small ones, whats great :)

30.11.2012 D- puppies

30.11.2012 D- puppies Today Chilli whelped eight beautiful puppies. Snow White and the seven dwarfts, means one girlie and seven boys. :)


27.11.2012 Our puppies are already 6 weeks old! They are playing in whole apartment and enjoying games!
Our Chilli should whelp in the end of this week her puppies!

13.11.2012 Chilli

13.11.2012 Chilli Chillinka has at the beginning of seventh week already beautiful pregnant belly :) We are awaiting puppies in 2,5 weeks.

10.11.2012 puppies

10.11.2012 puppies Kesi´s pups Mimi and Ascot are growing fast and they are small piggies! They are already running and have shark teeth.
We are often adding photos to their photogalery.

6.11.2012 D-litter

6.11.2012 D-litter We checked once again Chilli with ultrasound and we realized that we have much more puppies than we were said last time! We counted 7 puppies, now we will let it as surprise for whelping.
We can take bookings for boys and now also for girl.

27.10.2012 D-litter

27.10.2012 D-litter Our Chilli is pregnant! Again we won´t have many puppies, we will go to ultrasound once again next week to get more exact number.
We are taking bookings for boys!

17.10.2012 Photogalery

17.10.2012 Photogalery We made already photogalery for our newborn pups.
And we already choosed names for them!
Girlie *Mimi* - Caramel Cookie El Negma
Boy *Ascot* - Cantaloupe Island El Negma


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