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30.11.2012 D- puppies

30.11.2012 D- puppies Today Chilli whelped eight beautiful puppies. Snow White and the seven dwarfts, means one girlie and seven boys. :)


27.11.2012 Our puppies are already 6 weeks old! They are playing in whole apartment and enjoying games!
Our Chilli should whelp in the end of this week her puppies!

13.11.2012 Chilli

13.11.2012 Chilli Chillinka has at the beginning of seventh week already beautiful pregnant belly :) We are awaiting puppies in 2,5 weeks.

10.11.2012 puppies

10.11.2012 puppies Kesi´s pups Mimi and Ascot are growing fast and they are small piggies! They are already running and have shark teeth.
We are often adding photos to their photogalery.

6.11.2012 D-litter

6.11.2012 D-litter We checked once again Chilli with ultrasound and we realized that we have much more puppies than we were said last time! We counted 7 puppies, now we will let it as surprise for whelping.
We can take bookings for boys and now also for girl.

27.10.2012 D-litter

27.10.2012 D-litter Our Chilli is pregnant! Again we won´t have many puppies, we will go to ultrasound once again next week to get more exact number.
We are taking bookings for boys!

17.10.2012 Photogalery

17.10.2012 Photogalery We made already photogalery for our newborn pups.
And we already choosed names for them!
Girlie *Mimi* - Caramel Cookie El Negma
Boy *Ascot* - Cantaloupe Island El Negma

15.10.2012 We have puppies!

15.10.2012 We have puppies! After all the waiting and worries our Kessi´s 2 pups were born after midnight - boy and girl. They were born on C-section.

12.10.2012 C-puppies

12.10.2012 C-puppies Kesi should be whelping yet, we were at ultrasound to check if pups are okay and they are doing great! So we are waiting and waiting :)

8.10.2012 Safi & Nuggy

8.10.2012 Safi & Nuggy Unfortunately or maybe fortunately two our B-puppies changed their owner in September.
Safinka (Bronze Delight El Negma) stayed in US, but at new owner Naniece Ibrahim, and she has pharaoh buddy Bijan!
Nuggy (Burnished Nugget El Negma) changed owner in Russia and his new owner is Elizaveta Shiverskikh. Also Nuggy has nwe PH friend - girl Marsy.
If everything will go well we should meet at World dog show in Hungary next May! :)
We welcome new owners in our small PH "family" :)

1.10.2010 mating

1.10.2010 mating Chilli was mated to wonderful Plupp! The mating was going up to our wishes so we hope for bunch of beautiful red babies!

28.9.2012 Photos

28.9.2012 Photos We added many photos of our dogs and also some puppies to theri photogalleries.

15.9.2012 Puppies

15.9.2012 Puppies Our princess Chilli decided to hurry up and started her heat 1,5 months earlier. We planned to mater her on her spring heat, but up to current situation with Kesi we decided to mate her now. Already in young age of Chilli and this spring we were talking about using on her wonderful Farao Anubis Ikaros, but due to his matin on Kesi and the timing all was still unsure. And solution came itself :o) Planned sire for this litter Mogul will be hopefully used for next mating in 2014.

9.9.2012 Sighthound Club show Poland

9.9.2012 Sighthound Club show Poland On Saturday PHs were judged by Knut Blutecher from Norway. The same with boys like first day - Mogul (Farao Anubis Crusader) - Excellent 2, and Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma)- Excellent 1, CWC, Club winner-12. In champion females Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) was beated by Mogul´s sister and got - Excellent 2.
We didn´t wait for couple class this day.

8.9.2012 Eurosighthounds Poland

8.9.2012 Eurosighthounds Poland We spent this weekend in polish town Czestochowa for another sighthound event. On Saturday PHs were judged by Mrs. Elizabet Janson from Sweden. In open class unfortunately met our boys Mogul (Farao Anubis Crusader) - Excellent 2, and Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma)- Excellent 1, CWC, Eurosighthound winner-12. In champion females was against Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) competeing swedish female, Chilli was second - Excellent 2.
In finals Bruno and Chilli were shortlisted among five best couples.

7.9.2012 C-puppies

7.9.2012 C-puppies Kesinka was ultrasounded as pregnant! We saw 2-3 puppies, we are so happy that our dream will hopefully come true!
Puppies out of this combination are already booked, but our Chilli will be mated soon, so possible interested owners can contact us about this mating.

CACIB Mladá Boleslav, CZ

CACIB Mladá Boleslav, CZ This show was like "family trip", together were shown 5 "our" PHs, judged by Marie Marušková (CZ). In open class met our boys Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) - Ex.1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB, Czech champion!
Boltík (Bolt from the Blue El Negma) - V2, res.CAC, res.CACIB
girls youth class
granddaughter Amate Kobo Ex.1, CAJC, JBOB, Junior Champion CZ
open class
Buggy (Babydoll El Negma) - Ex.1, CAC, res.CACIB
champion class
Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) - Ex.1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB, BOB!
In final competitions Chilli got in V. group from judge Robert Blümel (A) Best in Group-3! She also fullfiled tittles Czech Grand Champion and Interchampion!
Complete results here.
Photogalery here.

25.8.2012 Pharaoh hound Specialty Nové Hrady, CZ

25.8.2012 Pharaoh hound Specialty Nové Hrady, CZ Czech judge František Bouček was judging 22 Pharaoh hounds. Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) got in winners class Ex.1, CAC, Specialty winner-12. Our promissing granddaughter Amate Kobo in youth class got Ex.1, CAJC, JBOB and BIS Junior! Both competed in final with Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba), who got everything - Ex.1, CAC, Specialty winner-12 and BOB!
Complete results here.
Profi photos of Sváťa Šulc zde
Main photo by Radka Nevěčná, thanks!


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