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6.6.2012 another news from Helmi

6.6.2012 another news from Helmi Just when we added news from last show of Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma), we got from owner Jenna another perfect news! We also have some older news - sporty, health and also show news, you can read more in article. :)

In March Helmi went for X-rays and eye exams with great results!
hips B/B
elbows 0/0
knees 0/0
eyes clear, negative at PRA, HC, RD

13th May 2012 at CACIB dog show in Tampere (FI) Helmi got from judge Tanya-Ahlman-Stockmari (FI) Excellent 1, res.CAC, BB-3 and res.CACIB!

19th May 2012 Helmi participied her second Lure Coursing LC Trial in Lieto (FI). Helmi was running great, she ran two difficult courses and placed on 3rd 7 PHS and got 473 points and CQ!

2nd June 2012 Farkkushow is unofficial finnish PH club show that is held for several years. Helmi was shown in champion class in strong competition of another six females and got from swedish judge Carin Lyrholm Excellent 2, BB-4 and beautiful critique. Helmi with her buddy and future stud male Qenzo (Northgate´s Forever N´Ever)
became Best couple of the show second year in row! Much congratulations!

3rd June 2012 Specialty show of Finnish PH club, judge Stephen Wheeler (SWE). Helmi placed in champion class (7) on fourth place Excellent 4, BB-6. Helmi got very nice critique without any faults!

Much congratulations to Helmi and her owner Jenna and many thank you for presentation of our kennel with so beautiful girl! And now we are looking forward another news, Helmi is going to be shown again this week! :)

date: 06.06.2012 - 21:17

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