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9.7.2011 Pharaoh hound club show Kolín

9.7.2011 Pharaoh hound club show Kolín Bruno res.BIS, BOB, Club´s winner-11
Chilli Club´s winner-11
Boltík CAC
Tezi CAC
Jewel CAC
Buggy Excellent 4
Best breeders class El Negma
Best couple Bruno & Chilli

Complete results here
photogalery here.

We were much looking forward Czech pharaoh hound club show in Kolín, because this is one of very few events where we can meet many of our kids and friends together.
We came on Friday yet, built tent and grilled meat with friends.
Judge Otakar Vondrouš (CZ) was judging 32 pharaoh hounds.
this time we had entered seven "our" pharaohs.
In males intermmediate class Boltík (Bolt from the Blue El Negma) got Ex.1, CAC in competiton of two the same old males. Our star Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) was in males winners class first with Ex.1, CAC and then beated his competitors including Bolt in competiton of Club winner-11.
In large intermmediate class of bitches we had right three girls. Jewel (Bedazzling Jewel el Negma) won the class the same as last year getting Ex.1, CAC and Buggy (Babydoll El Negma) was Excellent 4. Edmé (Bewitching Obsession El Negma) got unfortunately note Very good, due to her lack of experiences and fear. In open class was presented beautiful Bruno´s sister Tezi (Amber Soul El Negma) and the same like last year she won getting Ex.1, CAC! And at last in females winners class was shown our princess Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) and won as the class with Ex.1, CAC as beated all girls (our Jewel, Tezi and winner from working class) and the same as Bruno got Club winner-11!
In BOB competiton came Bruno with Chilli against young bitch Barissa Nut Wai-Wad, who got JBOB. Judge liked Bruno the most and he got Best of Breed! In Best in Show he didn´t succed yet, but later they were with Chilli Best couple!
And finaly our kennel El Negma became the best breeding group!
Chillinka was also declared to Best Pharaoh hound of 2010 and so we got after two years back challenge cup, which Kesi got in past for two years for her own success :)
Club show in Kolín was verx successful for our Pharaohs and I would like to congratulate all our owners and many thank you that you came with your pets!

date: 11.07.2011 - 22:33

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