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26.9.2010 Show news

26.9.2010 Show news **Angel Eyes of Izida El Negma CAC, CACIB, BOB, Reserve Best in Group, 1. místo Juniorhandling, Croatian champion
**Bolt from the Blue El Negma CAJC, JBOB
**Babydoll El Negma CAJC
**Babylonian Pearl El Negma VG
**Cassiopea Spirit of Millenium 2nd place Juniorhandling
**Sharqiya American Queen of Samba - new brood bitch

25.9. was owner Jenna with Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma)at National dog show in finnish Karkkila. Judge Soile Bister (FI) is very strict and rarely is giving excellent to juniors. Helmi got from her Very good 1 and very nice critique.

25.9. Izida (Angel Eyes Izida El Negma) were entered to National dog show in croatian Vinkovci. She got Excellent 1, CAC, BOB and in finals reserve Best in Group and won younger class of Juniorhandling with Martina Mikovic! She also became Croatian champion! Congratulations from proud mother! :)

26.9. We were at National dog show in Brno, nine Pharaoh hounds were judged by Mr. Josef Němec.
In youth class were presented simblings Boltík (Bolt from the Blue El Negma) and Buggy (Babydoll El Negma). In males champion class we had entered Bruno but we didn´t bring him to the show. Kesi (Cassiopea Spirit of Millenium) was entered to younger class of Juniorhandling with Iva Pekařová and Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) was there for breeding exam.
Buggy was presenting herself really great and got Excellent 1, CAJC and Boltík also Excellent 1, CAJC and then JBOB.
Chilli did great in breeding exam and got clear "breeding code", and we have now second brood bitch.
Kesinka with Iva Pekařová went through basic competitions successfuly and in final they placed at wonderful second place!!!
Complete results here.

We are sending many congratulations to our puppy owners!

date: 26.09.2010 - 21:38

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