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28.8.2010 PH Specialty show

28.8.2010 PH Specialty show We participied at czech Pharaoh hound club Specialty show for sixth time, its the only show in year that we can´t miss. Too long and boring story about our results in article :))

Kesi BEST IN SHOW, BOB *** Bruno BOS

Complete results here.

Pharaoh hound club Specialty show was this year traditionaly held in Rudna pod Pradedem. This show is the only one we never missed in six years we are showing our Pharaoh hounds.

This year were entered 37 Pharaoh hounds, judge was Mr. Andre van den Broek from Holland, kennel of the Netherlands.

We had entered 11 dogs at all, I would like to thank much to all our owners that they came with their darlings.

It was also very cool that we could spent weekend together with some of our owners on rented cottage right in Rudna. I hope we will have chance to repeat it again in future.

In youth class of males was presented Boltík (Bolt from the Blue El Negma) in competition of four another youngsters. Bolt was not showing himself well, he felt cold so was crouching and looked like limping on hind leg in movement. Throughouth he made us happy with Excellent 2.

In intermmediate class Iza was presenting Mogul (Farao Anubis Crusader) and got Excellent 1, CAC.

In males winners class was first time shown our prince Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma), beated his two "rivals" and Excellent 1, CAC and then beated Mogul and rival from working class and got also Specialty winner-10!!!

In bitches youth class were shown 9 girls. Out of them four our puppies and Isis of our friend Katka.
Edmé (Bewitching Obsession El Negma) and Malina (Beyond the Stars El Negma) have in front of them still much of show training, for backing off to judge they got notes Very good without placement.
Buggy (Babydoll El Negma) placed at fourth place with note Excellent 4 and Reedly Road Gloria Patri of our friend Katka got Excellent 3.
Judge liked the most Jewel (Bedazzling Jewel El Negma) and in this strong competition she got Excellent 1 and CAJC!

Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) was in intermmediate class with one another bitch. She presented herself beautiful and got very nice critique. In verbal ctirique judge said, that he likes her more what goes on exterier and movement too, but for her height she placed at second place with Excellent 2, res. CAC.

In open class were entered five bitches.
Jasmin (Arabian Jasmin Orchid El Negma) was pinched by red ant before entering ring and she was standing on three legs half of the time. She was not willing to let judge check her teeth and body much, in movement she presented herself nice and got Excellent 2, res.CAC.
For Tezi (Amber Soul Orchid El Negma) this was first show in her life, and im really glad that her owner Naďa entered her to this show and that she prepared her so well. Tezi was not affraid of judge and was nice running, we were very happy when she got Excellent 1, CAC!

After one and half year break we entered for a show our dam Kesi (Cassiopea Spirit of Millenium). Together with Kesi was presented Sachmet of our friend Lenka. Kesi charmed judge and got Excellent 1 and CAC. After it she beated three bitches from adult classes including her daughter Tezi and got for fifht time tittle Specialty winner! With young male Ankh, veteran bitch Ashra, her daughter Jewel and son Bruno competed for breed winner and again scored, got BOB and a bit later also BEST IN SHOW!!!

In couple class we had Bruno and Kesi, they presented really very nice, tittle went to nice couple of Podenco portugues small.

In BIS breeders group were in our team Bruno and Tezi from A-litter and Boltík, Jewel, Buggy, Edmé and Malina from B-litter. Thank to all owners because without their participation we wouldn´t get tittle BIS Breeders group for the first time!

As for the lenght of this article I can say that this show was really successful for us :) Many congratulations to all our owners and once more thank you that you entered you doggies to this show.

In the end i would like to highlight Kesi´s exceptional win, which she got in age of 6,5 years after giving us seventeen puppies in our kennel. Kesi belongs among the most successful Pharaoh hounds of czech breeding from its beginning, maybe she is even the most successful one. She is indelible written in history of czech Pharaoh hound club Specialty show and her "record" won´t be easy to beat...
2005 - Specialty winner (Rudi Brandt, DK)
2006 - Specialty winner, BOB /without BIS competition/ (Jarmo Vuorinen, FIN)
2007 - Specialty winner, BOB, Best in Show (Harry Vella, Malta)
2008 - Specialty winner, BOB, Best in Show (Janina Staniszewska, PL)
2010 - Specialty winner, BOB, Best in Show (Andre van den Broek, NL)

date: 28.08.2010 - 13:05

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