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Puppies / A-litter 2009

On 19th November 2009 were born puppies out of foreign mating 3 boys and 7 girls

štěňata - puppies


INTCh, CZCh, SKCh, PLCh, HUCh, ClubCh, SK GrandCh, CZGrandCh, CRCh, SK KV-07, HU KV-08, VSV-05-06-07-08, SK VSV-07, res. SBIS, SBIS, NV-06, Bundessieger-07 CASSIOPEA SPIRIT OF MILLENIUM



Puppies - born: 19th November 2009

Boys Girls
Bolt from the Blue El Negma Babylonian Pearl El Negma
Burnished Nugget El Negma Bedazzling Jewel El Negma
Black Gold El Negma Babydoll El Negma
Bronze Delight El Negma
Brazen Beauty El Negma
Bewitching Obsession El Negma
Beyond the Stars El Negma

REEDLY ROAD DEEP BLUE Pharuz Pharuz is young beautiful male who has his show and lure coursing carer in front of him. He is out of line-breeding of my favorite Ramsan and his grand daughter Monica. He has very nice temperament, is good and obedient with good relationship to people and dogs. Pharuz is very elegant male with spacious movement, correct body construction and beautifull expression. Charisma gives him his dark coat colour, except white tip on tail and slim stripe on chest he is absolutely without white markings what is in this time really rare. Pharuz was exported to USA where he already got tittle American champion and he i salso starting there with lure coursing. Since May he is on „european show tour“ at his breeder in Russia. After one month he already got Russian champion tittle, BIG and reserve Best in Show. Then during summer and autumn Pharuz got finnish, norvegian, luxembourg, lithuanian and ukrainian championship tittle, eight times Best in Group and six times CACIB. Pharuz has many wins in front of him and I´m very happy that i got opportunity to use this wonderful dog in our breeding program.

DOB: 28.3.2007
height: 61 cm
weight: 24 kg
teeth: fulldented, scisors
eyes: clear, negative at PRA, HC, RD

CASSIOPEA SPIRIT OF MILLENIUM Kesi is beautiful standart female with ideal height and with sound proporcions. She has nice expression with big ears and long elegant neck. She has very nice forchest and spacious deep chest, correct angulation of both pair of limbs and spacious movement. Kesi is very friendly to people and is playing also with small dogs, she is taking care of her puppies really great. Among her greatest show wins belongs 9 championship tittles and many placements at club´s shows. At czech PH Specialty she got in years 2005-2008 tittle Specialty winner (BB), when for third time in row in 2006-2008 she got also Best of Breed and in 2007 and 2008 also the brightest tittle - Best in Show. At slovakian sighthound club show in 2007 she got Club winner + BOB and month later Specialty winner + BOB where she got also reserve BIS. In Budapest sighthound club show she got tittle Club winner-08 and in strong competition also BOB. Kesi has racing licence, in 2008 she became LC Vicemaster of Moravia and month later LC Master of Silesia where she was also second best sighthound.

DOB: 22. 3. 2004
height: 58 cm
weight 21 kg
teeth: complete bite, scisors
eyes: clear, negative at PRA, HC, RD
liver, kidneys: OK

AKC AMCh, RUCh, FINCh, NCh, LuxCh, LTCh, UACh, res.BIS REEDLY ROAD DEEP BLUE ICh, AmCh, GBCh, NCh, SCh, FCh, DKCh, EW-97-99, LCCh, WW-98-99-01, SBIS Farao Anubis Ramses CH Kbir Ramses el Kabul CH Fallohide King Ramses
CH Shema´s Khantessa
CH Enigma Shining Hickory CH Antefa´s Jabbah-Kaa
CH Enigma Sophia
RUJCh, RUCh, LCh Farao Anubis Fariba on Reedly Road Lileo´s Orpheus of Serafin AmCh Beltara´s Pantooset Oberon
AmCh Lileo´s Put´n On the Ritz
ICh, SCh, FCh, RUCh, LCh, HUCh Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina Farao Anubis Ramses
ICh, NordW, WW-98-00-01 Antefa´s Kahira
INTCh, CZCh, SKCh, HUCh, PLCh, ClubCh, SK GrandCh, SpecialtyW-05-06-07-08, SK SpecialtyW-07, SK ClubW-07, HU ClubW-08, Bundessieger-07, CZW-06, res. SBIS, SBIS CASSIOPEA SPIRIT OF MILLENIUM LC Ch Amon Bohemia Genao INTCh, FCh, LCh Shema´s Mia Mystic Talisman CH Shema´s Mia Mystic Warrior
CH Shema´s Mia Mystic Jubillee
BOB, CACIB Qaarsha Qaara Ypsylon CH Ceryas Kan Eben Dag
CH Vedhauge Ida
IntCh, CZCh, SKCh, HUCh, DECh, Ach, ClubCh, KV, NV Bir Sahra Stalagmit CZJCh Deheb-Tefnut of the Netherlands CH Antefa´s Jabbah-Kaa
CH Shamu-Amenjura of the Netherlands
NV, BOB B´Affertari Eben Dag CH Chasséllis Ishtar
CH Nawa du Wicks Team



B - vrh / litter el Negma
* 19.11.2009

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10-01-17 me with Nugget

10-01-17 me with Brazen Beauty

10-01-17 Chilli with pups

10-01-17 Burnished Nugget "Nugget" 8,5weeks

10-01-17 Bronze Delight "Kesi" 8,5weeks

10-01-17 Bronze Delight "Kesi"

10-01-17 Brazen Beauty 8,5weeks

10-01-17 Brazen Beauty


10-01-16 Ramon leaving with Katka to start new life

10-01-16 pups in Prague

10-01-16 pups in Prague

10-01-16 pups in Prague

10-01-16 me huging Ramon

10-01-16 Malina before leaving to new home

10-01-16 hug with Boltík but he is not intersted :)

10-01-16 Helmi with her owner Jenna

10-01-16 Helmi at the airport

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