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3.10.2008 We got new nice photos of Amon. He is growing in beautiful male, thank you much Pavlo!


29.9.2008 We got new photos of Mymlan from Britt-Marie. On one picture she is with her great grandma Minea. Thank you very much!


28.9.2008 Today Ňůňu left to his new home in german Munich. Although we were managed for this offtake date for a long time so i had enought time to enjoy this sweet "pillow boy" enough, it was hard and sad ... We got beautiful pillow from Veda with photo of Ňůňu.. Thank you again :o)


25.9.2008 We got new photos of beautiful Jasmin. Thank you Iza!


21.9.2008 On 20th September was held Lure coursing Silesian mastership 2008. Entered was as last time Cassie, Bahir and Asalé.. Cassie this time did perfect and got 172points and tittles Silesian LC master 2008 and CACT. She also placed on 3rd position in Best Sighthound.

On Saturday we took care of Bruno during night and Sunday´s morning. Unfortunately it was rainy weather all the weekend so we couldn´t go for any walking and also photos we had to take inside...


14.9.2008 We just arrived from airport where we took our beautiful and much loved Mimi (Antique Treasure El Negma). Her new home became Finland and famous Siphra´s kennel where she will live with another five Pharaoh hounds and what more, all of them are her real family members! Britt-Marie we wish you much luck with our little girl!! :o)

Mimi got new callname Mymlan as "in the house" already lives Minie - grangrandma of Mimi - Magicway´s Min for Siphra.. What a luck :o)


13.9.2008 Today Tezi again came to visit us, but mainly to play with Mimi last time... We added few photos to her profile...


12.9.2008 Today we made some photos in the garden just before we ran inside the house to leave cold wind there :-) Photos in gallery of Cassie and portraits of Mimi and Ňůňu...


28.8.2008 Today Tezi with her owner visited us. They played alot with Mimi and Ňůňu and bothered mommy... We made some pics, Tezi was perfect in standing, just like proffesional :o)


25.8.2008 We added new photos from Pharaoh fest open 2008 to Cassie´s photogallery and to Czech pharaoh´s photogallery.

24.8.2008 Pharaoh fest Rudna pod Pradedem

24.8.2008 Pharaoh fest Rudna pod Pradedem On Saturday 23th August 2008 Cassie got on Pharaoh hound Specialty show again CAC, Specialty winner, BOB and BIS!!!


10.8.2008 On 9th August 2008 was held lure coursing Moravian Mastership in Rudna pod Pradedem. It was Cassies firt official lure coursing race. She was on 2nd place with res.CACT and "Vicemaster of Moravia" and got 173points in total. The same got winner Asalé Ré Ammut, but she had better jumps than Kesi.

All the weekend our "kids" were playing with Bruno, and today we took some photos that we add to Bruno´s and puppie´s photogallery.

I´m placing here one Mimi´s photo going to jump across "a brook" :o)


3.8.2008 We were at lure coursing training today in Rudna pod Pradedem with Cassie. When we were in this area, I visited our Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) and also took with me Mimi (Antique Treasure El Negma) so they could play meanwhile Cassie was "on the hunt" :o)


2.8.2008 Today left us my favourite and first born puppy Jasmin - Arabian Jasmin El Negma. She will live in polish Poznan in house with garden and companion will be for her Great Dane bitch. I hope to meet Jasmin and her owner Iza soon at some show around :o)


22.7.2008 Today Amon - All My Dreams El Negma - left with his new owners to very far Kiev in Ukraine. Hope to see some pic soon :o)

Here we got one when passed the ukraninian border, Amon showed how wild boy is he :o)


18.7.2008 Today Bruno and Tezi left to their new families.

Bruno - Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma - left with his co-owner and my very good friend Veronika Konecna near the place where my mum lives... Companion will make him PH girl I´Shido Eben Dag.

Tezi - Amber Soul El Negma - will live only 20km far with Zvak family and their PH boy Dain Spirit of Millenium. We will see Tezi often as we are walking dogs in nature together with Nada and her husband :o)


17.7.2008 Today our first little puppy left us. Sweet orange girl Izida - Angel Eyes of Izida el Negma - travelled to Croatia where she will live with great Mikovic family and their Golden retriever. We hope to get soon some photos and info from her new home :o)


12.7.2008 New standing photos and some portraits of our 7weeks old puppies.


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