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31.1.2010 SAFI

31.1.2010 SAFI We are slowly getting photos from puppie´s owners, we will make hopefully in one week all profiles of pupps and their own photogaleries.

We are looking for show/active home for girl puppy from this litter, which owner canceled few days before offtake. It is grey girl Bronze Delight El Negma *SAFI*. She is very beautiful small Pharaoh hound girl that was the most similar to her mom Kesi in type.

18.1.2010 Nugget & Beauty

18.1.2010 Nugget & Beauty In the morning we met with Masha at polish border who was going by bus from show in Slovenia. She is bringing our Burnished Nugget El Negma & Brazen Beauty El Negma to their new owners in Russia. I can´t wait to get first news about them from new homes!

17.1.2010 New photos

17.1.2010 New photos We got last week new photos of Izida (Angel Eyes of Izida El Negma and Mogul (Farao Anubis Crusader) that we uploaded to their profiles. Thanks Iza and Josipa!

16.1.2010 Ramon

16.1.2010 Ramon In the evening our last visitors came. Ramon - Black Gold El Negma - black boy will live with his owner Katarina Knechtova and her PH bitch D´Nailah Momone Tal Sannat in slovakian city Prešov. We will hopefully see them at shows as well as another puppies... Also Katka messaged me that Ramon was not sad about leaving us at all and that they are doing great.

16.1.2010 Malina, Bolt, Edmé and Helmi

16.1.2010 Malina, Bolt, Edmé and Helmi We went to Prague to bring orange girl Helmi to airport. But as two of girls should live in Prague and our co-owned Bolt very near we took all four pups there.

15.1.2009 Buggy

15.1.2009 Buggy Buggy - Babydoll El Negma - red girl - will live in czech near city Hradec Králové with family Jurečkova and their pincher.
We already got news that she is doing great!

12.1.2010 Jewel

12.1.2010 Jewel Today first puppy left us. Jewel - Bedazzling Jewel El Negma - pink girl will live in slovakian city Nitra with my friend Lujza Vranská and her family.
Good luck with our baby!! :)

Stack photos

Stack photos We aded to fotogalery of puppies new stack photos and portraits in age of six weeks!

24.12.2009 Christmas greeting

24.12.2009 Christmas greeting We wish to all our friends Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2010!!!

9.12.2009 New pics

9.12.2009 New pics New puppy pics here.

28.11.2009 Izida

28.11.2009 Izida We got message from owners of our sweet "orange" girl Izida (Angel Eyes of Izida El Negma with autumn show results and photos! Izida participied in September three shows in Croatia and got 3x BOB! Many congratulations Josipa and many thanks for wonderful photos!

19.11.2009 B-litter

19.11.2009 B-litter Today Kesi whelped 10puppies! There are 7girls and 3boys!
Whelping took 12hours and Kesi was much tired in the afternoon yet. Two times made ultrasound proved that everything is ok and mother with babies are healthy and doing fine!

15.11.2009 Visitors!

15.11.2009 Visitors! Today we got a wonderful visitors! My friend Katka came with her new puppy Isis / Reedly Road Gloria Patri! Isinka is so cute puppy, I can´t wait our own pups! Chilli had to be on leash as she is also really playfull puppy but much bigger so she has to wait for playing with her.
Congratulates Katka to so beautiful puppy and huge thanks to Masha that you gave this little girl to her!!!

14.11.2009 Kesi

14.11.2009 Kesi We uploaded one picture of Kesi in 8th week of pregnancy. We are awaiting puppies in about five to seven days!!

8.11.2009 Poznań

8.11.2009 Poznań Jasmin (Arabian Jasmin El Negma) got at polish Poznań show tittles Ex.1, CAJC, Poznan JWinner-09, JBOB and BOB! Congratulations Iza!!


31.10.2009 It was nice weather today so we were taking some pictures outside and so did Iza and sent us new photos of Mogul (Farao Anubis Crusader) and Jasmin (Arabian Jasmin El Negma).
We uploaded new photos of Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) and our upcomming mother Kesi! She just finished sixth week of pregnancy so there are three weeks more when she will be "wearing" this huge belly! :o)

9.10.2009 World dog show

9.10.2009 World dog show Yesterday in slovakian Bratislava was held World Dog Show. There were entered 37 Pharaoh hounds and judged by dannish judge Jorgen Hindse.
Story about added :-)
Full results here.
Photos from show here.

2.10.2009 Tezi

2.10.2009 Tezi Last week visited us Tezi (Amber Soul El Negma). We put two pics to her photogalery. It would be great if all Kesi´s kids would be living so close!


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