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24.5.2010 Safinka

24.5.2010 Safinka We got news that our beautiful Safinka (Bronze Delight El Negma) participied at three shows for first time! Congratulations for results!

21.5. Puppy 6-9 months class, judge: Gayle Bontecou, Excellent
Puppy 6-9 months class, judge: Joan Goldstein, Excellent 1, Best Puppy, Puppy BIG-2
Puppy 6-9 months class, judge: Keke Kahn, Excellent 1, Reserve winners.

23.5.2010 CACIB Show Litomerice, CZ

23.5.2010 CACIB Show Litomerice, CZ Today our beautiful Boltík (Bolt from the Blue El Negma) had his first show experience! At International dog show in czech Litomerice he got out of polish judge Miroslav Redlicki wonderful critique and in puppy class got tittle Very promissing 1! Many congratulations to our co-owner and we are much looking forward for photos!
Complete results here.

23.5.2010 Birthday

23.5.2010 Birthday Our wonderful A-puppies today celebrated their second birthday!!!
We wish to Bruno, Hugo, Jasmin, Tezi and Izida many happy, healthy years with their families! :o)
Mimi and Amon rest in peace...

22.5.2010 New photos

22.5.2010 New photos We uploaded new photos:
Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma)
Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba)
Naggi (Burnished Nugget El Negma)
Beauty (Brazen Beauty El Negma)
Malina (Beyond the Stars El Negma)

16.5.2010 2x CACIB Bratislava

16.5.2010 2x CACIB Bratislava Due to my bone recovery i couldn´t go with our dogs to 2x CACIB Spring Duodanube Bratislava show in Slovakia, so only Martin and Veronika went with Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba). Chilli got first day out of judge Kavčič Blaž (SLO) note Excellent 2, second day from hungarian judge Petér Harsányi Excellent 1, CAJC, Central-eastern Euro winner-10!.
Photos here
Complete show results here.

8.5.2010 Malina & Bruno

8.5.2010 Malina & Bruno On 2nd May 2010 Malina (Beyond the Stars El Negma) participied at her second show. Judge Max Magder (CAN) gave her note Very promissing 1 with nice critique. Congratulations!!
On 8th May 2010 Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) participied his first show after long months of recovery break. It was regional show in czech city Hlucin where judge Ing. Jaromír Dostál got note Ex.1, Regional winner-10, BOB. We gladly reminded when this judge gave last July in CAC Mlada Boleslav to Bruno Junior Best in Show :) Bruno behaved wonderful in ring and we hope are looking forward his next shows that will come soon!

25.4.2010 Malina

25.4.2010 Malina Today Malina (Beyond the Stars El Negma) had her first show experience at International dog show in Ceske Budejovice, CZ. In puppy class she got out of judge note Very promissing 1. Many congrats! :)
We also added new photos:
Boltík (Bolt from the Blue El Negma)
Edmé (Bewitching Obsession El Negma)
Buggy (Babydoll El Negma)
Jasmin (Arabian Jasmin El Negma)

19.4.2010 Photos

19.4.2010 Photos We have again some photos to share, thank you our puppy owners!!
Izida (Angel Eyes of Izida El Negma)
Nagi (Burnished Nugget El Negma)
Safi (Bronze Delight El Negma)

11.4.2010 CAC Ostrava, CZ

11.4.2010 CAC Ostrava, CZ Today we had very short journey to show but the same out of the show too :o) We participied at National dog show in Ostrava where seven Pharaoh hounds was judging Božena Ovesná. Chilli (Sharqyia American Queen of Samba) competed in youth class with her sister Randi, throughout judge liked her more she got only Excellent 1 without tittle.
Výsledky here
fotky here.

5.4.2010 Safi, Edmé

5.4.2010 Safi, Edmé Safi (Bronze Delight El Negma) is already with her new family in USA. Journey was adventure, we didnt catch the flight on Friday due to snow and wind storm so our american trip got shorter to one day only. Thanks Kim for nice spent time there and we can´t wait for news, we so miss Safi...
On Monday Jana with Edmé (Bewitching Obsession El Negma) picked me up at airport, and we had nice walking before i went home. I didn´t see Edmé for more than month and she is so beautiful! :)
We uploaded some photos of both girls to their galleries.

27.3.2010 CAC Nitra, SK

27.3.2010 CAC Nitra, SK We participied to our first this year´s show to slovakian city Nitra. Judge Giafranco Bauchal from Italy judged at all eight Pharaoh hounds. Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) was first time entered to youth class and got tittles Ex.1, CACJ and BOB!!!
Photos here
Complete results here.

26.3.2010 Photos

26.3.2010 Photos I was in Prague and visited Malina, another day visited me there Bolt with owner Marcela. Its really great to have pups so close and be able to see how they are developing :)
We added to galleries new photos:
Kesi (Cassiopea Spirit of Millenium)
Bolt (Bolt from the Blue El Negma)
Jewel (Bedazzling Jewel El Negma)
Safi (Bronze Delight El Negma)

22.3.2010 Kesi

22.3.2010 Kesi Today our Kesi (Cassiopea Spirit of Millenium) has 6th birthday! Time flies so fast, its like a while ago when we drove with her from Pilsen as two months old puppy. When we came home at 5a.m. she started to run around our living room, barking and destroying our carpet instead of sleeping :o)

21.3.2010 Photos

21.3.2010 Photos Today we got first photos of beautiful Naggi (Burnished Nugget El Negma) and new stack of Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma). Many thanks to our owners!!

14.3.2010 Buggy

14.3.2010 Buggy We got from owner Vendulka photos of Buggy (Babydoll El Negma) at her first obedience puppy class. Buggy is very smart girl and already can do many orders. Lets see how this team will do by time :o)

9.3.2010 SAFI

9.3.2010 SAFI Our last puppy at home is Safi (Bronze Delight El Negma). She should leave to her new home in about three weeks, now we are waiting due to veterinarian rules. Safi will become a part of two co-operating american kennels TiaRa of breeder Kimberly Grega (New York) and Nekabu of breeder Jan Ault (Ohio). Safi will live with Kim and her dogs. Im very happy she will go right there, and thank to Jan and Kim that they choosed right our sweet girl!

9.3.2010 New photos

9.3.2010 New photos We uploaded many new photos of our small pupppies but also of Kesi and Chilli.
In galleries of Kesi (Cassiopea Spirit of Millenium), Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) are new stacks.
And in galleries of puppies there you can find various photos from their lives and also some stacks. :o)
Boltík (Bolt from the Blue El Negma)
Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma)
Buggy (Babydoll El Negma)
Safi (Bronze Delight El Negma)
Malina (Beyond the Stars El Negma.

19.2.2010 Photos

19.2.2010 Photos I finaly found time to upload photos of puppies... New photos you can find nearly in all profiles of puppies... Angel Eyes Of Izida, Amber Soul, Am´Desert Orchid, Arabian Jasmin..
Then photos of our youngest babies Bolt from the Blue El Negma, Babylonian Pearl, Beyond the Stars, Bewitching Obsession, Bedazzling Jewel, Bronze Delight and Babydoll...

Thanks alot to our puppy owners for all the photos!!

When going through folders in PC I found and added also few photos of Amon (All My Dreams El Negma) as my memmories are comming back to 28th February 2009 when he tragicaly died...


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