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28.8.2011 photos

28.8.2011 photos It´s gret when puppy owners are regularly writting about how are our kids doing and when they are sending us photos that we can enjoy. And when we aren´t getting info and photos, Im still hoping it will change once.
And right now we got photos of two puppies that we didn´t see for very very long time.
I´m very happy that they look contented and happy. Hugo (Almost Like A Wind El Negma) on current photos, he is beautiful dog and I was wondering how much he looks similar to his mom Kesi! On the other hand Linda (Brazen Beauty El Negma) at last years photos looks like her father! :o) Many thanks to owners and we are looking forward to next "pieces"!

27.8.2011 Helmi

27.8.2011 Helmi Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma) had success at International dog show in finnish city Tervakoski. She got from judge Harri Lehkonen Excellent 1, CAC, BB-1, CACIB and BOS! Congratulations!

19.8.2011 Slovakian Sighthound clu show

19.8.2011 Slovakian Sighthound clu show Slovakian Sighthound club show was after longer time held at racing track Starý Háj in Bratislava where we liked to come with Kesi in past for club shows. Pharaohs were judged by Mrs. Ludmila Fintorová (SK). Jewel (Bedazzling Jewel El Negma) got in intermmediate class V1 and CAC! Our beauty Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) got in champion class V1, CAC, later beated Jewel for best bitch and got tittle SK Club winner-11 and then also BOB! In final competitions for the most beauty sighthound of Club show was Chilli fifth BIS-5!
Complete results here
Photogalery here.

6.-7.8.2011 Nuggy & Safinka

6.-7.8.2011 Nuggy & Safinka On Saturday at american Pharaoh hound specialty show PHCA Supported entry won Safi (Bronze Delight El Negma) Winners bitch and got 5 points major for her American champion tittle.
On Sunday Nuggy (Burnished Nugget El Negma) participied at sho win Moscow where he got Best of Breed and Best In Group!
Many congratulations!

6.8.2011 Amate Kobo

6.8.2011 Amate Kobo We visited owner of our Jasmin (Arabian Jasmin El Negma) and co-owner of our Mogula (Farao Anubis Crusader) Iza Borkowicz in Poland to look at their pups A-Kobo and choose girlie for owner of our beloved Tezinka. Nada miss Tezi much much and so idea of getting girlie out of her sister sounded like the best idea. Small Amate Kobo *Angie* is small angel with wonderful temperament and she is also beautiful pharaoh girlie who will walk in show steps of her aunt Tezi. Přejeme Nadi hodně štěstí s Angie!
I was also glad that i saw after longer time Mogul, he is beautiful male with wonderful angel temperament as our Chilli has. :-)

23.7.2011 CACIB Veĺ ká Ida

23.7.2011 CACIB Veĺ ká Ida We wanted to cancel our travel to this show but we decided that it would be better not to be at home.
We travelled to Velká Ida near slovakian city Košice, pharaohs should be judged by my favourite hungarian judge Mr. Peter Harsányi. Out of three PHs

22.7.2011 Tezinka

22.7.2011 Tezinka On Thursday 22nd July 2011 in 2,23 p.m. died being poisoned our beloved Tezinka (Amber Soul El Negma). I will never forgive myself my sun that we couldn´t save you...
Kesi is in heat right now and should be mated for second time to beautiful Farao Anubis Ikaros. Due to incidents of this week when we nearly lost our Bruno and two days after lost his sister Tezi, we decided to postpone mating to winter.

19.7.2011 Bruno

19.7.2011 Bruno Today on Tuesday was our boy Bruno bitten by viper snake in field. First bite was to mouth, another to leg. Alergic reaction was very strong, fortunately Verunka was really ingenious and got Bruno in ten minutes to vet. Bruno was in critical condition but he will be okay again. Unfortunately due to longer physical and mental convalescence we won´t show him this year again.

17.7.2011 CAC Mladá Boleslav

17.7.2011 CAC Mladá Boleslav Buggy (Babydoll El Negma) with her owner participied National dog show in Mladá Boleslav (CZ). Judge Mrs Božena Ovesná judged 7 Pharaoh hounds. Buggy got in competition Excellent 1, CAC! Congratulations!

16.7.2011 puppies Kobo - video

16.7.2011 puppies Kobo - video Iza sent us new video of puppies. They were born on 2nd June 2011 out of our Mogul and our daughter Jasmin.

16.7.2011 news

16.7.2011 news I don´t spend so much time as I would with to our sites in last months. We are making trips and another sport activities with our PH girls and there isn´t much more free time. I´m adding slowly results from shows and pictures of our puppies that owners are sending us.

9.7.2011 Pharaoh hound club show Kolín

9.7.2011 Pharaoh hound club show Kolín Bruno res.BIS, BOB, Club´s winner-11
Chilli Club´s winner-11
Boltík CAC
Tezi CAC
Jewel CAC
Buggy Excellent 4
Best breeders class El Negma
Best couple Bruno & Chilli

Complete results here
photogalery here.

3.7.2011 Helmi

3.7.2011 Helmi At national dog show in finnish Tuusula Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma) got from finnish judge Jarmo Vuorinena (PH kennel Scheik´s) Excellent 1, res.CAC and BB-4! Congratulations!
photo: Ari Koivisto

2. - 3.7.2011 Jewel in Gödöllö & Buggy in Brno

2. - 3.7.2011 Jewel in Gödöllö & Buggy in Brno 30th June at International dog show in Brno Buggy (Babydoll El Negma) got from judge Jaroslava Ovesná Excellent 2, res.CAC.

Owner Lujza participied two shows with her Jewel (Bedazzling Jewel el Negma) two sighthound club shows in hungarian Gödöllö the same as we did a year ago!
2nd July Sighthound club show, judge Miklos Levente (HU) - Excellent 1, CAC, Club winner-11, BOB
3rd July Specialty Sighthound show, judge David Müller (US) - Excellent 1, CAC, BOB.
Much congratlations! :o)

19.6.2011 Helmi at LC

19.6.2011 Helmi at LC Owner Jenna started practising of Lure coursng with Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma)! She got 144 points at LC Trial in finnish Mustasaari!

12.6.2011 CAC Raciborz

12.6.2011 CAC Raciborz We traveled with Chilli (Sharqiya American Queen of Samba) and Bruno (Am´ Desert Orchid El Negma) to National dog show to polish Raciborz. Polish judge Mrs. Aleksandra Lubaszka seemed she didn´t like our pharaohs much, Bruno got Excellent 1, CWC, Best male and Chilli Excellent 1 and CWC.
became Polish champion!

4.-5.6. show weekend

4.-5.6. show weekend Jewel Ex.1, CAC, CACIB, Grand Prix Slovakia winner-11 & Ex.1, CAC, CACIB
Boltík Ex.1, CAC, National winner-11
Helmi first in class at Farkkushow in Finland.

More in article.

2.6.2011 puppies

2.6.2011 puppies Our puppy Jasmin Arabian Jasmin El Negma) is having puppies with our co-owned Mogul (Farao Anubis Crusader)!
More info in article.


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