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Pharaoh hound kennel el Negma

WE ARE PLANNING MATING FOR JUNE 2018 IN CO-OPERATION WITH KENNEL KELT STORM. We are already taking reservations. More information about puppies »



For another informations eventually booking a puppy please don´t hesitate to contact us.

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20.4.2017 Mika - Enchanted Sphynx El Negma

20.4.2017 Mika - Enchanted Sphynx El Negma To her new home and andventure left also girlie Enchanged Sphynx El Negma *Mika* - she will live in Lithuania and we can´t wait to see how is she doing in show rings! Mika had purple colar and she was the one we were deciding between with Ramsi who finally won :)

20.4.2017 Ramsi

20.4.2017 Ramsi I also would like to introduce our keeper - Eclipse El Negma *Ramsi* - the green boy. We were planning to keep a girl from this litter, but this little boy stole our hearts :)

20.4.2017 Effy - Euforia El Negma

20.4.2017 Effy - Euforia El Negma The first one who left to new home was Effy - Euforia El Negma. She is living with my friend close to us, so will be our often companion :) Happy owner is Danka Drozdová.

20.4.2017 puppies

20.4.2017 puppies Puppies are already nine weeks old and are slowly leaving us to their new families. All our puppies are spoken for!
We are not much updating our sites in past weeks, after our moving finally to a house we have issues with internet connection so also our big update with E-puppies profiles will take some time.

28.3.2017 Kesi

28.3.2017 Kesi With pain in heart we have to announce that our beloved beautiful *Kesi* Cassiopea Spirit of Millenium left us one day before her 13th birthday on 21/03/2017. Kesi was our first Pharaoh hound, our foundation bitch and I would like to thank alot to her breeder Mrs. Zdenka Hudcová for trusting me with this girl. We are highly missing you our girl..

11.3.2017 new pics

11.3.2017 new pics gallery here




Photogallery of Pharaoh hounds


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